WGO Coffee Mornings

The WGO coffee mornings have been an institution for about 14 or 15 years having started when three long standing members (Karen Casemore, Lana Deakin and Martina Stevens) would have a coffee together at Costa Coffee by Shatti beach after their Sliming Club. This was during Maggie Wilcocksons Presidency and as the months went on more and more ladies joined them. The rest they say is history!

As the WGO grew in membership, so did our coffee mornings and we quickly outgrew this location. At present the WGO try to hold our coffee mornings at different locations around town spending one month at each location.

To view our upcoming locations please visit our Calendar of Events page.

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WGO Booklet 2011 - 2012 The Women’s Guild in Oman is delighted to introduce you to its many and varied Business Partners who kindly offer members generous discounts on some or all of their products or services.

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