Omani Paws, Muscat Dog Adoption & Wadi Wranglers

Omani Paws

Omani Paws Rescue was formed in November 2013.

The strays situation in Oman is overwhelming and a small group such as OPR can’t make sustainable change unless the government is involved with a proper TNR (trap, neuter, release) plan, which addresses the issues of unchecked breeding. While the TNR activities we do make a difference, it is difficult to cover the vast area of Muscat without help. Omani Paws does not have the resources or funds. Not only do we need funds to perform TNR, but luxuries such as trained dog-catchers, traps, proper animal transport vehicles, and so on. Of course, we also help to feed these animals where we can, so food is also a consideration.


However, through donations from OPR members and also other kind community members, we have managed to help 107 dogs and cats so far this year. But there is still much to do.

Aside from TNR, we are also heavily involved in animal rescue, as well as fostering re-homing cats and dogs at risk. These can be animals who would not survive out in the streets, whether though an injury, disability or because they are abandoned pets. For these animals, we are always on the look-out for foster families, and of course, permanent homes too.

Fostering is the bridge between rescuing and homing, it’s a commitment for few months to give a rescue dog or cat better chance to getting adopted, and helping us know more about the animal’s behaviour and nature. This ensures that the rescued animal goes to the right home.

Fostering involves keeping the animal safe at all times, training such as leash and potty training, socialising the dog or cat whenever possible with other dogs, children, and cats, and taking the animal to the vets. Fostering does not require previous experience but it helps if families or individuals have had pets previously. OPR will cover medical costs and most foster families pay for food.

We rehome in Oman and abroad. We mostly send dogs to the U.K., Germany, USA and we work with no kill shelters who place them in great forever homes. We are kept updated on them which is great to see.

WGO’s donation always goes to cover our veterinary bills. Most of the rehoming abroad is paid from personal resources and by the money generated from donation boxes, sales and fund raising that we do over the year.

If anyone comes across an animal that is injured or trapped they should try and help. Please don’t just take pictures and post on related animal welfare pages; time is of the essence. Our volunteers have jobs and families, so they can’t always leave everything and rush to rescue an animal. If it is safe to do so, pick up the animal and get to the vets. If that person is able to cover some of the costs then that is a bonus.

Our main two challenges are foster homes, and of course financial commitments, The Women Guild Oman’s donations help immensely, and we are very grateful for all contributions. Members are invited to join our FB group so that they can see for themselves the work that we do on daily basis and offer any help they are able to give.

Contact us at: or
Tel: 00968 95792626
Email: [email protected]

Muscat Dog Adoption

Someone once said “Saving dogs in Oman must seem like a small drop in a large ocean” …. but what a drop! For each and every single dog saved, is a whole lifetime to that dog.

Muscat Dog Adoption (MDA) aka Animal Rescue Centre (ARC) was originally formed back in 2005 when a group of animal loving volunteers and vets got together with the aim of establishing a recognised official charity within Oman.

Mission Statement: To promote responsible pet ownership and set up a stray animal control programme in Oman.

muscat-dog-adoptionIn 2009 a Board and Committee were selected; this included 40 Omani nationals (a legal requirement of the registration in Oman) and the application for official status was submitted to the Ministry of Social Development for consideration. While the application is being considered ‘Animal Rescue Centre’ has been operating under the name Muscat Dog Adoption. In 2011 the Chairman was asked to re-submit the application; it is understood that there is a pending Royal Decree which will clarify this and other applications for charitable status.

It is the intention, once formally established, for MDA/ARC and hopefully other existing ‘animal’ groups to come together to set up/build a Shelter as in other GCC countries and run as an organisation with the help of trained specialists and vets from Oman and overseas. These specialists would also help with a CNR (Catch Neuter and Release) programme to help reduce the population of strays and so the inhumane ways that some of these strays are killed and, more so, injured can be stopped.

The shelter would include a public boarding section to help support itself. There are a number of young Omani nationals who have shown an interest in becoming part of this set up and even starting a career in this type of environment.

Oman also has a feral donkey and camel problem which would come under the jurisdiction of Animal Rescue and it would be the intention to work alongside, at times, with the Municipality.

Since 2005 this group has taken in abandoned, injured and dogs in danger and has successfully rehomed and exported approximately one thousand dogs. There have also been a few occasions when CNR has been necessary to help save some dogs.

This group relies on its devoted volunteers and small fundraising events (bingo and car boot sales) to help with food and vet costs. We have been lucky enough to receive money from WGO and other organisations including the Caledonian Society and many members of the public who contribute to our accounts with local vets and food donations.

How you can help
We are always looking for new volunteers, whether that be practical help working with our dogs at the pound or as a fundraising volunteer working with our fundraising team, all are welcome. Even a small donation can go a very long way. If you are interested contact us via our Facebook page at Muscat Dog Adoption.

Wadi Wranglers

Shortly after we arrived in Muscat we decided to adopt a rescue dog and contacted Omani Paws. We soon received our first furry blessing – Gaius Doggus!

As we settled into life in Oman and built a great circle of friends, we realised the need for more volunteers in animal rescue and street dog population control projects. We rolled up our sleeves and got involved in adoption, fostering, street dog rehabilitation and trap, neuter and release (TNR) projects.

jimmy-final-fonts-inside-090915We could not help but take seriously our responsibility for the mixed breed street dogs and puppies (known in Oman as Wadi Dogs) who came into our home. We cared for their injuries, tended them as they recovered from operations, loved them, trained them and tried to find them happy and loving permanent homes. This is not easy work, and after much effort, love, caring and some frustration and sadness, we opened our home permanently to a multitude unwanted street dogs and several bin cats. We call it the Tribe.

Caring for the Tribe is a BIG JOB and we are proud of the happy family that is our Tribe and the community of great people who, because of us opening our home and our hearts, became our friends and mentors.

Sometimes in life it is important to be philosophical and finding ourselves parents to the Tribe is definitely one of those times. We choose to approach our roles as mum and dad and Chief Wranglers as a blessing and in return our days are filled with hilarity and love. The joy these animals bring to the world around them, even in the harshest of circumstances, is matched only by our own efforts to step up and forward and to be the best we can be to ourselves, each other and the world around us, every day.

In this mix of madness and love came the WGO who pledged their assistance in Wadi Wranglers’ TNR efforts. In return we are building the dog traps Muscat’s rescue organisations and volunteers need so badly. Thank you WGO for this opportunity to make a real difference in our community!

Let’s approach all our challenges in the same way and make the world a better place to be, live and love.

Reach high and wide, you never know who may be reaching out to hug you … and, of course, . . . Keep on Wrangling!

For more information on Wadi Wranglers please contact us on Facebook or email us on [email protected]

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