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The WGO supports many local charities and this is where your membership fees and any profits made from our events makes a real difference to those less fortunate than ourselves. Oman, in common with many other countries around the world, is experiencing an economic downturn and both companies and individuals may find themselves in financial difficulties. Often, one of the first areas to suffer when people have less spare cash is the charity sector. So, more than ever, this year’s contribution to local Charities will be fundamental in keeping them running.

Many of our members have asked how they can help with such causes, so we have introduced a new link on our website called “Spotlight on”. Every month we will highlight one of our supported charities so you have more information on the difference your money is making. Where appropriate we will also give you information on how to volunteer or how you can make a personal contribution if you wish.

I hope that you continue to enjoy your WGO membership and I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all our charities for your continued support. Your membership really does make a difference.


Diane Wilson

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