OCARecently, I was fortunate to be invited to spend the morning with OCA and was incredibly privileged to meet HRH Princes Dina Mirod Al Hussain from Jordan who is the president Elect of the Union International for Cancer Control (UICC) and Jessica Mathieu who is Head of Congress and Events, UICC, based in Geneva.

Oman (and OCA) have been chosen to host the UICC World Congress and World Cancer Leaders Summit in 2020 but there is still much to do here in Muascat. During my time at OCA, there was discussion on how to increase donations and improve awareness of the work that OCA do. Representatives from Qatar were also present as were long standing supporters of OCA from the commercial area in Muscat. Jordan and Qatar have organisations similar to OCA and they had some positive ideas to add to those that OCA are already working on. During the visit, HRH also had the chance to see the work at Dar Al Hanan and to see first hand the difference this makes to the families of children who are receiving Hospital treatment here in Muscat.

As my 2 year Presidency draws to a close, it was a timely reminder to me of how fortunate I have been to be head of this fantastic group. Not only do we get the chance to meet other ladies from all corners of the earth and help make time here in Oman more enjoyable, but as a group, we also have the ability to make a real differ-ence by raising money for charities here in Oman who, without us, would find the go-ing a lot tougher on a day to day basis.

OCA are very happy for any WGO member to spend time with them learning more about their work. If anyone is interested in knowing more, then please speak to one of the committee members. Their website gives information on their various pro-jects including, self-examination education, palliative care, and Dar Al Hanan “Home from Home” as well as their new initiative which they are now starting work on called “Bridge the Gap”.

Remember ladies – Together we CAN make a difference.

Diane Wilson
Women’s Guild in Oman

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